October 8, 2019
Heavy Towing in Easton Needs Air

When a Heavy Towing Job in Easton Needs a Little Air!

Mouth-to-mouth may not always be the most effective method for reviving a human being, but before attempting heavy towing near Easton, sometimes it does apply.  In this case, a little air is all that was needed after a semi-truck got stuck. When we received the call on September 16, 2019, we weren't sure what to expect. The semi driver called in to his company thinking he needed a semi towing truck to come to get him. Our heavy towing team leaped into action and headed to the scene. This incident occurred in Easton off of Route 248 and Route 33. 

The recovery turned out to be pretty simple because of some quick thinking from our heavy towing operator. Instead of taking long, exhausting recovery.What the driver thought would be an hour-long project wound up being an incredibly, simple 30-minute task. Transmissions need air in order to understand the truck is not in gear. The driver had pumped the breaks too much and ran out of air. To fix the problem, we simply performed heavy towing mouth-to-mouth. We took the air from our heavy wrecker’s air compressor and connected it back into the semi’s air compressor.

Once the process was complete and the air was back in the transmission, the thankful driver left the warehouse and continued on his journey. This just goes to show that not every job requires an expensive, complicated tow and recovery. 

Heavy towing recovery with air compressor near Allentown

Heavy towing recovery with air compressor near Allentown

Details of the Heavy Towing Job in Easton

A semi driver called his company and said he may need a semi towing truck to help him out. The company performed a quick search and found A-1 Towing. The company couldn’t provide many details on what was wrong with the truck. That didn’t stop us from making the call. Our heavy towing truck team quickly arrived on the scene. A common mistake for new drivers to make, the driver had pushed on and off of his brakes too much. This caused the air levels in the transmission to decrease. A transmission needs before it will let you restart the truck. Without air, the transmission thinks you are in gear. Our heavy towing team has seen it all, so we knew exactly what to do in order to help this driver.

By connecting our air compressor to the semi’s air compressor, we quickly and effectively provided the transmission the air it needed to see that the truck was in fact not in gear. Once the transmission recognized this, the driver was able to restart his truck and be on his way.  Good job to Gerry and his team.


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