August 21, 2019
Towing Company Saves Semi From GPS Directions

When Blindly Following GPS Requires a Towing Company

Last week, a towing company was needed in Allentown to help a semi turn itself around. This was a classic case of technology failing. The driver of the semi was simply following his GPS directions. He was taking the most direct route. Unfortunately, the bridge on the two-lane road on which he was driving route couldn’t handle a big rig, and he was forced to turn around his semi on a very narrow road.

Our towing company didn’t exactly know what to expect when we got the call. On the way out to the semi. Our towing company driver reported that there was signage on the road. The first sign read, “No Trucks”. A bit further up there was another sign that read “4 Ton Limit - Covered Bridge Ahead”. The problem was there was literally nowhere to turn around. The GPS had directed the semi driver down a road designed for cars, but not for trucks. We are thinking that the driver was hoping that the signs were wrong, or he might get lucky and find a way to turn around because he kept on going for miles. He could have backed up his big rig much sooner.

Well, he actually did get lucky. He happened onto a road where he could back in and turn around. Problem was, the road had a gate. The driver just didn’t have enough room to make the turn. As you can see his front tires locked into a soft creek bed that ran alongside the roadway. He needed the help of a towing company.

That’s when A-1 Towing got the call to be the towing company of choice. Our towing company driver, Gerry arrived with his heavy wrecker and he surveyed the situation. He walked over to the gate because he needed a little room to maneuver the truck. Turns out a simple pin was holding the gate closed. Gerry pulled the pin, opened the gate and being the smart towing company operator he is, he solved the problem. He got his wrecker behind the semi just beyond the gate, and he pulled it out. Good job Jerry. Thanks for the photo’s.

Close Up of Semi before Towing Company Recovery

Close Up of Semi before Towing Company Recovery

Semi Getting Ready for Towing Company to Help Out

Semi Getting Ready for Towing Company to Help Out

Details of Towing Company That Recovered Semi Near Allentown

A towing company was needed when a semi headed down a narrow road and became stuck. The driver of the semi had tried reversing direction. In the process his front, left tires became stuck in soft, wet ground and the cab was leaning over. A towing company was needed. A-1 Towing brought its heavy wrecker out to the site. The towing company assessed the situation. The towing company employee determined that the needed more room to turn around the truck. He checked the gate down the dirt road, removed the pin and opened the gate. Then the towing company employee positioned his heavy wrecker behind the semi and trailer. The towing company employee attached his heavy wrecker to the semi and trailer. The towing company employee made the winch line taught. The towing company driver pulled the semi from the swampy area with his heavy wrecker using the winch. The towing company driver then got into the semi and then backed the semi out further so it could make the turn. The towing company employee then made the turn so the semi could continue.



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